when you close a door…

…Allah (swt) opens a window.  Last year, AbuS and I made the commitment to eat only zabiha meat.  Prior to that, we followed the (imho ill informed) opinion that any meat in the US (minus pork) was ahl al kitab and good to go.  But after having read Michael Pollan and investigating the US meat industry, there was just no way we could accept your micky d’s and supermarket meat as halal.

Alhamdulilah, since then we’ve really felt an increase in barakah in our lives.  AbuS is constantly commenting that he eats less and feels better after eating meals prepared at home.

We closed the door on haram meat.  Unfortunately, I work in downtown Minneapolis and am constantly surrounded by temptations.  We have a lot of tasty restaurants here.  I’ve ate vegetarian, but OMGoodness, I would love to eat a burger every now and again.

Today, Allah (swt) opened a window into the halal for me.    Since I had to go to work yesterday, but could barely drag myself out of bed, and needed to chug dayquil every few hours, there was no way I could have fasted without passing out.  Usually, I have bread and peanut butter and my desk + fruit to make myself lunch, but since it’s Ramadan, I had none of that on hand.

Enter Kabob’s Indian Grill, the first 100% zabiha restaurant in downtown Minneapolis and is only one block from where I work!  They opened at the beginning of Ramadan with a special – try everything on their menu for only $5 (oh come on guys, what timing?).  Alhamdulilah, I was able to take advantage of it yesterday.  They were out of samosas (oh the humanity), but I had 3 tasty varieties of chicken, chicken biryani, naan, lentil donuts and bathura.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, halal never tasted so good.

It can be hard to leave things that are doubtful, or even outright haram, especially if you’ve spent most of your life not having to worry about these things.  But, when you leave it, Allah (swt) will most certainly replace it with something better.  You close the door on the haram, He opens a window to something much better.


2 thoughts on “when you close a door…

  1. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Just goes to show the culture gap between British and American Muslims. In the UK, there is a debate over whether meat from animals which were stunned before slaughter is halaal, with one organisation (the HMC) existing to guarantee halaal non-stunned meat. The idea of non-zabiha meat being halaal is just not up for discussion over here, alhamdu lillah.

  2. wa alaikum assalam,

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the prevelance/adherence of madhabs in the UK vs. the US. In general, I think it’s the salafi opinion here that says supermarket meat is halal, where as if you actually study and follow a madhab, you won’t see that it’s ok.

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