a sweet iftar

Cinnamon-sugar baked donuts

Some thoughts:

  • The author is right – they’re not really like their fried cousins, but are tasty in their own way
  • They were almost more like bagels without the harder crust, and were a bit denser than the fried variety.  I wonder if I let them rise more, if they’d be fluffier?
  • I don’t use nutmeg, so I substituted cinnamon in the recipe.  I may try it another time with alcohol free vanilla extract.
  • I think they’d be really tasty with butter cream frosting.  Ooo, also powdered sugar.  Mmmm.
  • Use metal cookie cutters.  All I had in multiple sizes were some (obviously) heart shaped plastic cookie cutters.  Definitely weren’t sharp enough to cut through the dough, so I used them to press in the lines and then cut them with scissors.  Yeah, that didn’t turn out too well.
  • Next time, I probably won’t use salted butter to dip them in before sugaring them.


2 thoughts on “a sweet iftar

  1. Thanks, I just put it in today actually :)

    Sfinge looks tasty. I’ll have to add it to my list of donut like desserts to make – after I make beneits next week. Mmm, beignets.

    Ooo, also, Turia may be coming up to the TC on the 26th/27th to visit. Want to make it a mini VJ get together?

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