why is it so easy to talk about clothes…

…but not torture or other violence issues?

I know, I know, I’m as guilty as the rest.  AbuS and I had quite an extensive conversation about Sh. Tantawi and the niqab fiasco at al-Azhar.  He mentioned a rather unflattering profile done of him in a recent newspaper, and is going to contact them to see if he can translate it into english for me to publish here.

This deen is a deen of balance, of the middle path, the straight way down the middle.  One would think we should balance our attention and focus on all issues that concern muslims.  Sure, not everyone can be up to date on every issue, but we seem to gravitate towards the outward, easier ones.

Who will pick up the slack?

AbuS wants to be a novelist.  His first project was going to be an alternate history of the civil war.  I convinced him to write about something he knows, so he’s either going to write a “halal” romance (I think, it was late last night when we were talking about it) or a novel about an egyptian becoming a terrorist.  Just to say right up front, he is in no way a supporter of terrorism, but is intrigued by the societal influences and pressures that foment terrorism in his (native) country.  He’s planning to write in english and (gulp) I’m to be the unofficial editor.

It’s not much, but I guess it’s a start.


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