political hot water

Yeah, I don’t envy politicians, or anyone in the spotlight for that matter.  Every move you make has to be weighed and deliberated not only for its correctness, but also how the public will perceive it.

Keith Ellison is in a bit of political hot water for his MAS sponsored hajj a few years back.

Commentary – Jon Tevlin: Ellison’s trip may be legal, but it’s not quite right

Ellison documents costs behind Saudi Arabia trip

Should a muslim politician accept the gift of hajj from muslim non profit? 

And just what are the rulings on one person (or group) paying for another’s hajj?  Especially is the recipient makes a decent income on their own?  Is the reward greater if you struggle and save for years to go?  AbuS and I are working on a hajj savings plan.  We’d like to go before we have children (aside from the Squeakster that is) inshaAllah, but we’re thinking we’d need to save at least $15,000.  That’s quite a chunk of change.


3 thoughts on “political hot water

  1. I wouldn’t care do donate to MAS knowing they foot the bill for hajj trips for politicians capable of paying their own way.

  2. You could easily go with less than that. Hajj is so expensive this day but for two people it shouldn’t be that high. That’s how much we calculate we’ll need with our kids Lol.. inshaAllah!

  3. rebecca – good point.

    Umm Layth – what kind of packages were you looking at? Everything I’ve seen is at least $6,000 a person, including airfare from the midwest. I also want to bring extra spending $$$ to stock up on misbaha, scarves and abayas ;)

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