this makes me sad

*grump grump grump*  I just got a flu shot and now my arm and back are sore, and I have been staring at a dense computer spreadsheet for an hour, so I’m going to grump all over the news.

Mecca super-hotel to offer spa, butler and a chocolate room

Granted, we’ll probably stay in a pretty darn nice hotel when we make hajj(inshaAllah) but come on?  This is one of the reasons I want to walk the hajj.  I’d like to follow as closely in the Prophet’s (saws) footsteps as I possibly can, and some how, I just don’t see him stepping up to a chocolate room or heading into the spa after running safa and marwa.

6 thoughts on “this makes me sad

  1. I think the Saudis (and egyptians and others) should hire some of the people who do national historical sites here on how to do preservation. Heck, I’d volunteer. I’ve been to enough here that I know how it’s suppose to be done.

  2. True. I doubt they’d want an opinionated american smacking them around for their stupidity, but it’s my history too!

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