i hate technology!

On one hand, it’s essential for my job.  Reviewing half a million pages of potential document production by hand isn’t very much fun.  Theoretically, there are computer programs that should make it easier.  Just upload the electronic files, run a few things on it, and you should be good to go.

That is, if they worked.  Nine times out of ten, they don’t.

Like right now.  Just let me run a search, dang it!  Why must you continue to lock up on me?  And quit telling me there are no documents that match my search criteria.  I know there are.  I’ve seem them.  Why are you hiding them from me???  I don’t have the time or energy to go through all 113,000 documents looking for this person.  Just do what you’re suppose to do!!!

Normally, I’d refer these types of problems to our litigation support guy. 

Unfortunately, he quit last week.  Imagine, quitting in this economy?  Things must have been pretty bad.  People think he should be able to fix anything, but if the program sucks, what can he do?


I need some lolcats.

Thank God for lolcats (note, these weren’t made by me).


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