the weekly squeaky

Illustrated Squeaky related news:

1.  Futher proof Squeaky is a muslim kitty.  Last night, she went to sleep in her bag.  Usually, she goes in there when she wants some undisturbed alone time.  AbuS and I sat on the couch and started to read aloud from the book Muhammad, Prophet of Mercy.  Honest to God, when I said Muhammad, sallallahu ‘alaihi wa salam, she poked her head out of the bag and came running to the couch.  She hopped up between us and sat there purring while I read. 

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  When I was attempting to recite a bit of Qur’an with some tajweed a few weeks back, she jumped up on my lap and stuck her face right up to my mouth.

And let’s not even go into her love of prayer rugs…

2.   AbuS has finally embraced his roll and title as kitty daddy.  While I refer to him as AbuS here online, he wasn’t really fond of the name.  But, he’s finally accepted the obvious and is now a proud babba to his Katkoot Amour (cute chick in arabic apparently).  He actually called me a week back while I was at work and said “you’ll never believe how she’s sitting.”  Take a picture sweetie, and I’ll see it when I get home.   And here it is:

3.  My cat is fat.  But, she’s losing weight alhamdulilah.  AbuS is carefully controlling her portions.  Sadly, she has lost more weight in the last few weeks then I have.  However, she’s still too fat to fit comfortably on my lap while I sit at the computer.  Her rear end keeps slipping off.  Because I’m a total sucker, I’ll type one handed and take the other and support her behind so she can sit with me.   Yes, she has me whipped.


4 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. I just love your pictures of Squeaky, she is a beautiful kitteh. I miss mine so much, I’m debating whether or not to get another kitteh or not. My hubby would have a fit if the cat or the dog laid or stepped on our prayer rugs. You seem pretty tolerate of it.

  2. She’s not allowed on them anymore. When it’s time to pray, we pray in the bedroom with the door closed, or put her in her cage for the time being. We realized that with all her hair on it, sticking our faces down in it was making our eyes water.

    Re: getting a cat. Take your time. Visit shelters, and when you find the right cat, you’ll know :)

    • ya i know that i will know when the time is right. Right now the time isn’t right. I miss him like crazy and Tinker looks for him too. Every now and then one of us hears him. There will be another Chester thats for sure.

  3. inshaAllah :) btw, check out the MN meetup thread on VJ. AbuS is wondering when you guys are coming up. What does K like to do? I thought we could send them out to do guy things.

    When you come up, we can look at kitties at my shelter, or at the humane society where we got Squeaky. Not that you want to adopt a cat up here, but I always am looking for excuses to look at kitties :D

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