inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon

I would be remiss if I did not mention the passing of Mostafa Mahmoud.  I can’t speak to his influence outside of our home, but for my husband, this man was a giant and his hero.   His program “Science and Faith” is AbuS’ favorite show, and he’s downloaded and carefully burned hundreds of episodes for his own personal library.

From what I saw, the typical format of the show was Dr. Mahmoud presenting an english language science documentary to his arabic speaking audience.  He would switch between translating the movie and connecting it’s content to Islam.  I’ve only “watched” one episode.  While his insights were interesting, it was rather tedious (and slightly hilarious) for AbuS to translate Dr. Mahmoud’s translation of an old science film.  Perhaps when I learn arabic one day, I’ll revisit it.

I’ve asked AbuS to write a reflection on him.  inshaAllah he’ll have time to get to it in the next few weeks.

May Allah (swt) grant Mostafa Mahmoud ease in the grave and a place of shade and rest in the Garden, ameen.

Mostafa Mahmoud passes away at 88

CAIRO: The funeral of prominent Islamic thinker, author and philosopher Mostafa Mahmoud brought together the rich and the poor, the simple man on the street and the intellectual.

Mahmoud’s funeral was dominated by those who benefited from his charity organization as well as intellectuals from all colors of the political spectrum including a marked attendance from the Muslim Brotherhood.

After suffering from a brain clot in 2003, Mahmoud passed away Saturday morning. His funeral procession began at his Mohandiseen mosque and he was buried at the family cemetery in Sixth of October city.

A doctor by training, Mahmoud was born in Shibin El Kom, Menufiya governorate, in 1921. A prolific author, he was known for his controversial writings on existential philosophy and Islam which often took him to court. His TV show “Faith and Science,” a fixture in many Egyptian households.

“My journey from doubt to faith didn’t stem from stubbornness, denial or atheism but was a scientific revision in which I started from the beginning without any givens; I didn’t lose my relationship with God during this period,” Mahmoud wrote in his autobiography.

In 1979 he established a mosque in Cairo. Adjoining it were three medical centers to treat the poor and the needy. He also set up a charity organization and built an observatory.

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