Headphones and fish are confounding me at present.  Also, babies.  Screaming babies *shudders*

So I was out for my lunch time walk today, happily listening to NPR podcasts on ye ol ipod when wham, my headphones went on the fritz.  Not again!  It seems every few months, my headphones die.  At first, I thought it was because I was wrapping them around the ipod too tightly, thus, bending and eventually breaking the wire.  So I stopped.  Still, the wires break.  I’ve bought just about every brand and style of headphone available for between $5 and $20.  I’m hesitant to spend more, lest it die in a month’s time as well.

So any headphone out there that will withstand being through in a rather crowded and messy purse or pocket, wrapped, unwrapped and generally abused?

Second, fish.  Farm raised fish are bad.  So eat wild caught right?  Oh no, we’re overfishing!  Sooooo, don’t eat fish?  But we’re suppose to, it’s so healthy.  ARgh!   This was the subject of the podcast I was listening to when my headphones bit the dust.  I really really really like fish, and have finally managed to budget eating it once or twice a week :( *must do more research into how to eat fish sustainably so as not to be responsible for the end of fish as we know it*

Third, babies.  In particular, babies who cry.  Parents, before you had children, did the sound of screaming babies make you cringe?  There was a child on the bus yesterday who screamed for the entire 25 minute ride.  It made me sick.  Literally, I started shaking and feeling nauseous.

This makes me worried about when (if?) I ever have children of my own.  Will their crying drive me batty?  Or because they’re mine, will I be able to deal?  I seem to remember my mom saying I was a quiet baby.  Ya Rabb, please make my children quiet children.  Please?  Pretty please?  With whipped cream and a cherry on top?

Dear Lord, I’m reaching the age where I need to get serious about having kids before my body decides to grow tumors on essential child bearing organs.  Can you imagine me as a mother?  Now that’s reaaally scary stuff.

I suppose I should start reading child related books to prepare, cuz you know, I’m a nerd that way.  Any recommendations?  I envision being a “natural” parent, one who embraces modern medicine and birthing techniques (drugs?  yes please!), but who makes her own baby food, nurses and *possibly* uses reusable diapers.  Also, awesome homemade toys from etsy.  My children are also going to be total book nerds, inshaAllah.  I visited the friends of the library bookstore today and almost bought a dozen Tomie DePaola books for $1 each.   *Almost,* because I don’t think AbuS would appreciate me blowing our budget for children we don’t even have yet.

6 thoughts on “conundrum(s)!

  1. Crying babies are really hard, especially as a parent because frankly sometimes they cry to cry and nothing you can do stops them, further you have no clue when such a thing is going to happen. I often travel with my kids and when K was a baby I remember a particular flight where we were stuck in a middle seat on a crowded plane and nothing I repeat NOTHING would settle him down to stop crying. I was mortified and stressed out and unhappy because all these grouchy people were looking at me like I somehow was provoking him when really all I wanted him to do was quiet down. This was the only time the hostess asked me to come into the galley to settle him down because people were complaining. Welll….I was complaining too! What more could I do besides put my hand over his mouth? My suggestion, go and talk to the mama, smile at the baby – trust me it will make her day. The people who sympathized or offered to help me I will eternally be grateful for!

  2. If you are a good mom to zeh kitteh, you’ll be a great mom to zeh bebe, Insha’Allah.

    Side note: I have that EXACT SAME FISH DILEMMA RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD TOO! Overfishing the oceans vs farm raised with all the GOOP they feed those things. OMG, like what are we supposed to do?

    It’s almost like there is NOTHING that is safe to eat anymore. Grrr. All I wanna do is avoid “growing tumors on essential child bearing organs” as well. Can’t anything come easy these days?

  3. Amera – thanks for the reminder. I just don’t know how moms do it. I don’t know about offering help though – people on my bus aren’t the nicest people in the world and may take offense, unfortunately.

    rebecca – argh! I suppose no one is prepared to be a parent, and you just learn along the way

    sabiwabi – heh, I’m not such a good kitty mommy. Last night, I fed the Squeaky corn chips. Really really good for a kitty, I’m sure.

    I finally managed to listen to the second part of the podcast and the expert recommended eating lower on the food chain. But, he also said farm raised cat fish are fed soy. Um yeah, don’t need a lot more processed soy in my diet. Guess I’ll stick to sardines and anchovies, but I’m betting even those have been overfished. Maybe I’ll just eat beans :(

  4. I never had much contact with babies before I had Nora so I don’t know if anything changed with having her. But crying babies are definitely not fun to listen to! But they’re made like that for a reason! To make adults listen up and take care of them! It’s near impossible to ignore a crying baby! Sucks though when they are satisfied in all ways you can imagine, but they are still crying… They have something and you can’t help… That made me go a bit nuts sometimes with Nora. :(

  5. Thanks Candice. I guess there’s one good thing about having babies later then my friends – i can rely on ya’ll for advice :)

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