I *heart* MPR

It makes living in this frozen wasteland bearable (ok, minnesota isn’t that bad, but with winter impending, I get a bit down).

Um yeah, so public radio – awesome.  I don’t listen to it much on the actual radio anymore, now that I have an ipod and my choice of 50 billion podcasts.  But alhamdulilah, while driving this weekend, I caught an excellent piece about a young somali minnesotan that made me smile.

Finding a Home in Language

Minnapolis, Minn. — When Sadiya Mohamed arrived in Minneapolis five years ago, she didn’t speak a word of English. The only school she’d ever been to was a religious school called a madrassa to learn the Koran.

Life in Minnesota, with its cold winters, and surrounded by a language she didn’t understand, was a shock. She wondered, does it get easier? As part of our Youth Radio series, Sadiya Mohamed tells her story.

The story is fantastic, so do click on the link and read and/or listen.  This part in particular shows how a little kindness is a great dawah:

In June, I graduated from Lincoln. At my graduation ceremony, the board chair of our charter school, Chris Nevin, talked about what he had learned from me: “Insha’Allah.” It means, “if God is willing.”

“I am a Christian man,” Chris Nevin told the crowd, “but my Muslim friends use this phrase often. For example, after a long hard school day, I might see Sadiya Mohamed in the hallway and say, ‘See you tomorrow.’ And she will say, ‘Yes, Mr. Chris, see you tomorrow, Insha’Allah.'”

I want to hear more stories like this, so now I’m thinking about trying to do interviews with some local somalis in the community.  I have no training in interviewing or journalism, so we’ll have to see how it goes :)


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