I don’t want a big house.  Somewhere around 1300 square feet, with wood floors, a decent size kitchen, room for all my books, on a bus line and less than a mile from a masjid and I’ll be happy as a clam.   Ok, that’s actually a lot, but I figure if we’re going to live there for a decade or 2 (depending on if/when we make the move to the ME), I might as well buy something that makes me happy.  Alhamdulilah, the twin cities have a ton of masjids, but unfortunately, most are in areas I wouldn’t want to live in, or are too far from where we work. 

Also, I have decided on a decorating style – cute and cat centric scandinavian.

Peeps in the twin cities area – would you live in North Minneapolis, ie the area right above downtown, around masjid an nur?  We currently live on the east side right next to a little corner store that attracks quite a few gang people who like to fight.  I’d really like to find some place where I’d feel safe to walk alone in the evening.

I’m currently thinking Columbia Heights area, which is right on the 10 bus line straight to down town.  Who knows, maybe these houses will still be available in a year or 2 when we can afford it, or maybe Allah (swt) will bless us with a way to get one sooner.

A house .1 mile from a masjid

.7 miles – with whirlpool tub, hard wood floors and new granite counter tops!

Half a mile from the masjid – although it looks spiffy in the pictures, I think 2 bedrooms probably isn’t enough.

.3 miles from the masjid – with a large lot (for the cities) for a garden!


6 thoughts on “dreamin

  1. I think that one’s the cutest too, but I think too small :( I’m thinking the 2nd and the 4th one, but right now it’s all just dreaming. inshaAllah in a year or so it will actually be at the doing it stage :)

  2. Insha’Allah, buying a house is fun AND scary, been there, done that.

    I would totally come up there when you bought a house….I’d help you move, paint, get settled, whatever…it’s such a stressful time (plus men can not pick out good paint colors, lol). It’s not too far of a drive. I’m here for the taking, let me know……

  3. Aww, thanks so much! We’re planning on having my dad up to inspect, my dad and brother up to help us move, and our friends in the TC area to give us the run down on buying houses up here. The more the merrier, although we’d love to have you guys up for just a visit sometime. We’ve got a fabulous zoo :)

    inshaAllah I’ll be down in Madison in January for some time without too many obligations, so we should get together then. I may actually end up in Madison for Eid too, because things are never complicated enough, my family can’t decide which day to have our annual thanksgiving get together. Rrr.

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