i’m not dead yet!

Although awesome blogs have come and gone, but rumors of the death of the muslim blogosphere has been greatly exaggerated.

My daily blog stroll (in whatever random, quasi alphabetical order my favorites menu puts them as), or semi daily or biweekly, however often them update.  It’s an eclectic mix, heavy on the sisters and converts, and includes some non muslim religion blogs.  I won’t list the right wing islamophobe blogs I read.  Although I may be masochistic in that regard, I’m not sadistic.  I’ll also spare you the cat bloggers.  Yes, there are blogging cats out there.  And you thought I was a crazy cat lady.

I don’t know if I could handle a much more lively muslim blogosphere – I can barely keep up as it is!


13 thoughts on “i’m not dead yet!

  1. Despite my own extensive list, I don’t think I can ever have enough to add. Mostly it is because not everyone update regularly, and even if they do, not within the same time frame. That gives me a chance to have something to read at any time of the week. The downside is of course when everyone suddenly update at the same time….and I’d have hundreds of pending entries to read :)

    BTW, we decided to name the kitten : Yoru (night, because she came to us during the night). Although my dad insist on calling her Girl (which I think is way too boring).

  2. 99% of blogs are poorly written and boring. I’vew been reading blogs for a few years and found the whole “scene” (Muslim blog scene in particular) pretentious.

    Even the good ones, like a few on your list aren’t really [i]that[/i] good.

  3. Nuseiba – Ah, you’re so new to my blogroll I forgot to mention it. Will definitely rectify it. Yoru is a great name :) Squeaky has 2 names as well. I call her Squeaky and other varients. AbuS calls her Katkoot, which is chick in arabic.

    Dilla – well, if you don’t like what’s out there, then why don’t you write a better blog?

  4. Good list! I read many of the same blogs. Thanks for putting me on the list! You’re definitely on my must-read list, UmmS! :D

    Dilla, that comment was worthless… If you don’t like the scene, leave it or change it.

  5. @Ummsqueek: I don’t like what’s out there so I choose to read quality material or spend my time on more worthwhile matters (I don’t usually vivist blogs, this was on a link in a forum). I don’t want to be part of the Muslim blogosphere. Like I said there’s something pretentious and artificial about it. It seems egotistical to me to write about personal matters in ones life and share it to the whole world. Each to their own I suppose.

    @Candice: No, with respect, I think you’ll find it is your comment that is empty and valueless. Indicative of the pretentiousness I’m talking about. Seriously, it doesn’t take a literary genious to judge most of the blogs out there are very poorly written and most are dull.

  6. Dilla, that’s certainly your perogative then, but why didn’t you just comment on the DP thread, rather then here? I guess I just don’t understand why people feel the need to declare the muslim blogosphere stupid and irrelevant without either offering an alternative or doing something to make it better.

    The internet is big enough for people to write what they’re moved to write, for better or worse. It’s egalitarian – one doesn’t have to be a sublime writer to put their ideas out there. If their ideas have merit, or people find them interesting, people will read them. If not, they’ll blog in obscurity (which it what I do for the most part).

    But then I suppose the interwebs are big enough for every opinion everyone could ever possibly have, so whatever. I enjoy the blogs I read, so that’s what matters to me.

  7. I included u on mine! But, I am on blogger, is there a way I can get u to show up on my list? It seems everyone on my list has moved to word press- is it alot better than blogger?

  8. Hmm, I do not know. Blogger was doing some weird things with my formatting. I like WP, very user friendly. But, lots of people seem to do find on blogger, so it’s really a matter of personal preference :)

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