another reason why alcohol is haram…

…it makes you do stupid things.  No, scratch that, it impares your judgment, thus allowing you to do stupid things you probably wouldn’t do without it.  From my hometown:

UWSP student falls off roof

on an unrelated note, it is beyond pathetic that the Stevens Point Journal relies on an AP report when they’re RIGHT THERE!  Can’t they drag themselves to campus and report from the scene?


2 thoughts on “another reason why alcohol is haram…

  1. they WOULD’VE made it there to report it, but they couldn’t sober up enough in time to make the drive…….


    Scani’s and their brewski’s!

  2. Heh. The journal office is right down the street from the infamous square, where the founder of the town operated several saloons and to this day college students make the march on their 21st birthdays.

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