some days you just need a kitty…

…and this is one of them.  Had my teeth drilled last night for cavities, which made eating anything beyond soup difficult (note to self – do not schedule cavity drilling around iftar time, or on any fasting day for that matter).  Today, while the numbness is gone, biting down feels weird.  I may have to go back in to see if anything is wrong.

The stoopid youtube thugs video is angering and saddening me every time I think about it.

I haven’t been sleeping well for more than 2 weeks, so I’m a walking zombie.

And I don’t know what to get my siblings for their bday presents.  Argh!

No kitty here at work to hug, so here’s some pictures instead of Squeaky and her friend Meow (I am very creative in naming my stuffed animals.  There’s also Woof, Mr. Kitty, Teddy and Bucky).  Don’t you just want to huggle them both?


There, now I feel a little better :)

One thought on “some days you just need a kitty…

  1. I just got a letter from our Islamic center here that they are canceling boys volleyball or something like that due to unislamic behavior in our parking lots. So its going round. I can’t beleive these kids these days!

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