…muslim thugs.  Young punks with obviously muslim names and thuggish nicknames cavorting around the twin cities, assaulting people at random, pushing little kids down hills, and old men off bicycles.  Obviously very proud of their work, they put it on the internet for all to see.

Watch the video at the first link.  It makes me so incredibly angry.

So now the question I have is how can we as a community (and this is my community, sadly) come together to stop this idiotic behavior before it starts?  While I don’t know these particular young men, I’ve seen their ilk bringing their beefs to the masjid and beating on one another after praying in jamaat.

Police on the trail of attackers shown in YouTube video

A YouTube video of eight young men terrorizing bicyclists and pedestrians — including children and older people — in what appear to be Minneapolis and St. Paul has triggered an investigation by police in both cities.

Edited and set to music, the video shows the group of what appear to be teenagers or young men taking turns saying, “Watch this,” before knocking down victims and running away, laughing.

In the video, one of the attackers chases two young children who appear to be walking home from school and shoves one of them down a hill. Another throws something into the face of a convenience store cashier.

The creator of the video, who posted it online Monday, describes the attackers as “a group of Somali black males pulling pranks on people.”

Arrests pile up in YouTube assault video case

Mohamed Abdi, 19, of Oakdale, and a juvenile are now in custody in St. Paul. Three other juveniles have been arrested in Minneapolis.

6 thoughts on “thugs…

  1. They see the typical ghetto thug gangsters doing their thing and think, ah, that looks like fun. I wonder if they are part of an established somali gang, although I think they’re flashing crips gang signs. But then, I don’t know the modus operandi of the rough tough somali or other somali gangs are. Bah.

  2. Subhanallah, one of the guys in this video is a friend of mine’s son! They need to be tied to a pole and whipped! It’s not like Somalis (and Muslims as a result) don’t have a bad enough reputation around town as it is. *sigh*

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