eid mubarak and happy thanksgiving

I’m in the midst of the annual grand tour of wisconsin, thanksgiving edition.  No substantive posts until I get home on Sunday probably.  But I made this ahead of time, just so ya’ll wouldn’t get squeaky deprivation like I’m currently suffering.

Last year, on the day before Arafat, I visited the Saint Paul Humane Society and fell in love with a fat orange cat named Mitze.  I planned on bringing AbuS back the next day to meet her and take her home inshaAllah, so I put a deposit and a 24 hour hold on her.  The day of Arafat  brought an awful snow storm and I was afraid we would lose our deposit and my kitty.  Alhamdulilah, Allah (swt) saw fit to allow us to make it safely there, where AbuS found Mitze to be acceptable.  We adopted her right then and there and brought her home, where she quickly filled her role at queen of the apartment.  The next morning, we went to eid prayers and I stayed home from work for the rest of the day with my new best friend.

It’s one (hijri) year later, and still I love her more each day.  On this blessed day that is both a festival of Allah (swt) and of giving thanks, I thank Allah (swt) for all the blessings I have in my life – first and foremost Islam, AbuS and my Squeaky Deak.  Thank you Allah (swt) for everything.


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