bring it on

Currently 18 degrees with a windchill of 6.  That’s -8 and -14 celcius for all ya’ll across the pond. This is the first time it’s gotten “cold” this season, although the term cold is all relative.  In February, this will be considered a veritable heat wave.

Not a lot of  snow though, and I was so looking forward to rocking my awesome new winter boots.  I’ve lived in the great frozen north all my life, and for some reason, I haven’t owned a pair of nice boots in over a decade.  I normally wear an old pair of running shoes that get soaked, subsequently soaking (and freezing) my feet.  No longer!  Notice the slightly pink logo, making them girly boots, lol.  Now I just need to lose a bit of weight so I’ll fit into my Northface jacket from high school.  Then I’ll be totally winter prepared.


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