the weekly squeaky – gotcha day edition

Happy Squeaky Day!  One year ago today, we brought this fat and fuzzy ball of love home.  She protested mightily when we put her in the car and all the way through the heavily falling snow, but from the second she stepped into our apartment, it was all love.

Imagine that, ya’ll have been subjected to my kitty blathering for a year now, and still you keep coming back.  She’s something specialy :)  I’ve been contemplating just what to say to memorialize the occasion, but words escape me.  How can I describe the incredible love and happiness she’s brought me these last 365 days?   For those who aren’t cat people, I may be sounding a bit over dramatic, but there isn’t much better than waking up in the morning and having a kitty beg to sit on your lap and be loved (as she is doing right now).

Alhamdulilah for my kitty :D

In honor of this auspicious occasion, I present “Squeaky Sleeps – a year of a sleeping kitty.”  Thrilling, yes?  It’s only 12 pictures, I promise.

First day home

And later

And finally, sleeping on my birthday present (a cat tree from my parents) on her Squeaky day present (a nice fluffy fleece blanket)

Bonus pic (doesn’t count towards the 12, cuz she’s not sleeping)


5 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky – gotcha day edition

  1. I do, lots, lol! The picture in the header of the blog is from day one :)

    Here’s my post from her first day home -

  2. HAPPY COMIN HOME DAY SQUEAKY!! I so would love to meet you and her insha allah one of these days. maybe when spring comes now, i can talk K to coming up there.

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