dear cheese makers of the world,

Is it really too much trouble to write the source of your rennet on the label?  I mean, it’s really just one more word – animal, microbial or vegetarian.  I could call or email you to ask, but that really is a lot of work.  Aren’t there enough vegetarians and picky eaters out there to warrant this?  And for what it’s worth, if I ever see a cheese labeled with microbial or vegetarian rennet, I snap it up in an instant. 

I guess in the mean time, I’ll continue to consult the vegetarian cheese list and pray that one day ya’ll will come to your senses and be up front on your ingredient lists.  I wonder if there’s an app for that.  Not that I have an i phone or anything, but it would just be awesome to be able to whip out my phone and find out if the tasty lookin cheese I’m staring at is in fact halal.

I’m also praying for the day when I’ll see vegetarian friendly cheese in a cup.  Mmm, processed cheese in a cup.

Thank you for your time.




9 thoughts on “dear cheese makers of the world,

  1. You know, I’ll ask a few people in my church that work at the local dairy as to what kind of rennet they use. That might help.

  2. rebecca – ooo, cheese in a cup is beyond fabulous. when I find one that’s zabiha (inshaAllah) I’ll send you one :)

    Umm Layth – it’s just so simple, I don’t know why they don’t do it already!

    OumAmir – thanks! I’ve already started emailing every wisconsin cheesemaker I can think of and will probably spend a good half an hour at the grocery store this weekend writing down all the cheeses they have there, so I can email more. I’m sure they’ll love me, lol.

  3. I’m guessing that anything with Bucky’s face on it would mean it’s made from rennet. ON Wisconsin! Sigh…you know how we do things here. ;)

  4. Alas, maybe even pork. Babcock ice cream uses animal based gelatin :(

    However, I did find something spectacular this weekend – vegetable rennet wisconsin cheese curds at Trader Joes! Huzzah!

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