new (hijri) year resolutions

1.  Smack my nafs down and get serious about those building blocks I talked about months ago.  No excuse not to pray on time or read Qur’an every day.  It was good while it lasted, so why can’t I keep it up?  And I’ve been making this resolution for years.  Argh.

2.  Smack my nafs down and reduce TV watching.  Here’s what I’m allowing myself to watch – Heroes, Chuck, House, Bones, Fringe, Dollhouse, Leverage, Stargate Universe and the Closer.  Holy crud, when I write it all out like that, that’s a lotta tv.  But I (my nafs) love it all :(  Maybe for every hour of tv, I have to spend an hour for Allah (swt)?  Ah, but that’s 9 hours.  Yeah, but you spend 9 hours on tv, can’t you find 9 hours for Allah (swt)?   *sigh*  Maybe if I say I can’t just watch tv, I have to do something else, either exercise or cook or whatnot, so I’m not just sitting on my behind?  Argh, why is television so so good, yet so so bad?

3.  Go almost vegetarian.  Meat once a week.  I think I’m down to like 3 times a week, so inshaAllah this shouldn’t be too hard.  What will be hard is not just replacing meat with carbs.  I *heart* noodles and rice (especially with the wickedly awesome peanut sauce I just made, which can be made vegetarian with 2 T of soy sauce and no fish sauce), and it would be so easy to just fill up on that.  inshaAllah more fruits and veggies, less meat.

Ok, I think that’s just about all I can handle.  Small steps, baby steps and lots of tawakul inshaAllah.


4 thoughts on “new (hijri) year resolutions

  1. Amazing mashAllah

    I want to cut TV out too


    I feel it diluting my soul :(

    I’m glad One Tree Hill showed the last epidode last night, no more!

    But I LOVE Frasier

    I reckon if we are so weak, then maybe feed the nafs a tiny bit in order to gain strength to beat what it is we want

    am I making sense?

    Make deals with your nafs

    and make a conscious effort to be in dhikrAllah

    I think we’ll get stronger inshAllah

    God SWt help us all!! ameen THUMMA ameen.

  2. Ahhh and I walked into my cat last night! It was dark and I heard the most heart breaking ‘miaow’

    It was so heartbreaking that I dreamt of him and he was crying to me because he got hit by the door.

    Ah man!!

  3. LittleBakr – inshaAllah :D

    Daaniyah – you’re making total sense. TV is something that’s designed to make us feel good, so of course it’s hard to shake. I think maybe baby steps? Also, inshaAllah your kitty will forgive you. I manage to kick the Squeaky quite often when I’m getting her food, because she’ll weave cirles around my legs while I’m trying to walk to her dish to feed her. She’s just so excited that she can’t wait, ha.

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