a very squeaky snowday

So it snowed last night.  And it’s snowing today.  And supposedly it’s going to snow tomorrow.  Alhamdulilah, I have off today and tomorrow, so I’m preparing for a 4 day snowed in extended weekend.  Weather peeps are forecasting 20+ inches.

AbuS was not so lucky.  He caught the bus this morning, and called me 15 minutes later – the bus was stuck in the middle of the street right in front of our apartment.  He did make it to work, but over an hour late.  Ah well, that’s the midwest for you.

So, what I am doing with all this time?  Alas, nothing too terribly useful.  I did manage to bake my first successful loaf of bread, alhamdulilah.  It’s crusty pot bread, from the book Kneadlessly Simple.   Usually, my attempts at bread turn out heavy and inedible, due mostly to inadequate kneading.  But, all the breads in this book use long, slow rises, and no kneading, just up my ally.  My dutch oven is 5 quarts, so that made the loaf kind of low and flat, but tasty, none the less.   Check out the recipe here.

How about the Squeaky part of my snow day?  Well, since it’s finally above 0 F, the door to our balcony has unfroze, and we can finally open it again.  The Squeakster has been begging to go outside for weeks, so I thought I’d see how she liked the snow.  Yeah, not too fond of it.  She’s now huddling in her fuzzy bed on the table, and occasionally shooting me death glares for opening the door.


4 thoughts on “a very squeaky snowday

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  2. Salams to you J and Squeaky,
    What adorable pics masha-Allah, makes me want one of my own even more (sighs longingly). I sent hubby a text when he was away; he said to pray to Allah for one…

  3. wa alaikum assalam,

    The Prophet (saws) said – trust Allah (swt) and tie your camel. So yes, ask Allah, but also continue to pester your husband ;-)

    And if he doesn’t relent, check local shelters and rescues in your area to see about volunteering. It’s a way to get at least a small kitty fix :)

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