hippy dippy tree hugger shopping alerts!

Two deals you can’t miss!

1.  If you have a Caribou Coffee near you (apparently they’re taking over the world – my sister reports they’re now in DC – huzzah for minnesota muslimness!), check out their post holiday sale section.  They have flip & tumble bags for $4.50, half price!  As much as I love my baggus, I will admit that I’ve managed to loose all the little bags they’re suppose to fold up into.  These flip & tumble bags flip out of a little ball, and then are just stuffed back into a little attached pocket.  Perfect for people who often misplace things.  My reusable bag collection is growing quite impressive.  I think it deserves a blog post all of it’s own.  Ooo, the exciting things ya’ll get to look forward to!

2.  At Target, select Annies Mac n Cheese and Organic Cheese Ravioli is on sale for $1.  I’m so going this weekend and buying as much as I can carry in my spiffy reusable bags.  Although it’s processed food, at least it’s vegetarian organic processed food with no chemically sounding ingredients I can’t identify.


2 thoughts on “hippy dippy tree hugger shopping alerts!

  1. Salam,
    I love Caribou Coffee: we have one in Amman! Love, love, love that.

    I also love that Annie’s organic mac n cheese. Bought some this summer at Wal Mart for I KNOW over $3. So that is a great price. Wish I’d stocked the suitcase with some.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. And for the well-wishes. You know, I just might be in MN sometime in the near future. My sis has been living in Stillwater for 10 or so years. Do you know Stillwater? Sleepy little lovely town. If you ever want a great Asian meal, she can hook you up.

  2. wa alaikum assalam,

    Caribou is taking over the world! And I do know Stillwater – I live probably 10 minutes from it :) Haven’t been there more than a few times though, usually for court. If you have some extra time when you’re in town, let’s do lunch (or Caribou).

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