There isn’t much negative press out there re: Teach for America, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that a not 100% rah rah rah yay TFA article on the front page of our paper a few days back:

Teach for America alumni show less civic involvement

In areas such as voting, charitable giving and civic engagement, graduates of the program lag those who were accepted but declined and those who dropped out before completing their two years, according to Doug McAdam, a sociologist at Stanford University, who conducted the study with a colleague, Cynthia Brandt.

The reasons for the lower rates of civic involvement, McAdam said, include not only exhaustion and burnout, but also disillusionment with Teach for America’s approach to the issue of educational inequity, among other factors.

You mean throwing 22 year olds into the most difficult classrooms in the country with only 5 weeks training causes burnout and disilluionment?  I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya!


5 thoughts on “ha

    • In all fairness, they pay the rate for beginning teachers. If you’re in a bigger city, it’s not so bad. If you’re in a rural district, it can be as low as $18,000.

      But I’m still a bitter ex tfa-er. rrrr.

  1. I don’t know a few years ago when I applied and interviewed in NYC the pay would have been about $23,000. I guess if you were a single gal, willing to live with 3-4 others in a cramped apartment it would be worth it but for me there was no way we would have been able to survive on that! When the going rate for a decent one bedroom there is $1200-1600 a month…

  2. Hmm, that is odd. If I had actually worked my intended position in Chicago, I would have made $36,000 a year to start. A friend who actually did her post in the Rio Grande valley was paid $20,000 a year I think.

  3. I know someone that did it in NJ and her salary was close to $40,000. She loved it and is still a teacher, but it may have seemed easy after relief work she had done in Africa.

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