more on the halal meat market shooting

I’m trying to stay on top of any new developments, but unfortunately there is a disconnect between the somali community and the rest of muslim community here in the Twin Cities.  AbuS attends jummah at a somali mall (site of another shooting in Ramadan 2008), so maybe I’ll know more “inside” info tomorrow.

It now looks to be shaping up into another in a sadly growing string of somali on somali violence.  I thought we had hit a lull in the last 6 months, but it looks like it’s starting again.

Mayor, Police Chief vow to capture killers

Dolan backed away from earlier police assertions that the shooting appeared to be a robbery attempt, but would not elaborate on any other motive. He remained tight-lipped about details of the investigation in order to protect its integrity. None of the dead were suspects in the crime, he said.

While Dolan would not elaborate whether the shooting may have involved rival clans or tribes from the Somali community, as appears to have been the case in prior Somali homicides, Rybak cautioned not to simplify what is likely a complex crime. “I strongly encourage you not to move to a cartoon of an extraordinarily complex community,” Rybak said. “The nation of Somalia is a fractured nation that does have people in various groups and some are in different clans. It would be a dramatic oversimplification to say that those divisions automatically transfer to this community.”

Police look for 2 in slaying of 3 Somalis at minneapolis store

Police appealed to the public for tips today about an attack at a corner market that left three Somali businessmen dead, and they backed away from describing it as an attempted robbery gone bad.

Investigators were searching for two people who, police said, entered Seward Market and Halal Meats Wednesday night and killed three adult men.

Police Chief Tim Dolan described them as “cold-blooded killers” and warned that they were dangerous. He said there might be additional suspects.

Dolan said both suspects are also believed to be Somali.


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