…today for Mohamed Abdi Warfa, Osman Jama Elmi and Anwar Mohammed, the three brothers killed on Wednesday. 

inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon

Oh Allah (swt), forgive them any transgression and shower His Mercy on them.

Oh Allah (swt), give their families comfort and patience in this most difficult of times.

Oh Allah (swt), allow these killers to be brought to justice, and rectify the crookedness of our community.


Somali community shaken by violent tragedy <— As an aside, this divide in the muslim community here is really bothering me.  As a minnesotan, I’m shaken by this.  As a muslim, I’m shaken by this.  As someone who lives next to a little corner grocery store that is all too often the scene of lawlessness, I’m shaken.  Heck, as a human being, I’m shaken.

Relatives of Abdifatah and Mahad Warfa say the two men escaped the violence in the Horn of Africa, only to be brazenly shot to death in a corner store. A third victim is also believed to be an East African refugee.

The cruel irony of the men’s fates is rippling throughout Minnesota’s East African community. Mahad Warfa wasn’t supposed to be at Seward Market and Halal Meat when the shooting took place. It was his cousin, Abdifatah, who worked at the Franklin Avenue shop. Mahad paid him a visit with some tea, said a distant relative, Mohamud Noor.

“He brought the tea to his cousin, and he just came to stay with him until he closed the shop,” Noor said.


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