uae expats…

…any out there in the blogosphere?  Or expats in Qatar?  In particular, western (muslim) women?    While AbuS and I have always talked about moving overseas at some point in the future, now we’re actually to the point where we’re planning it and I’m freaking out :o 

There are some actual concrete dates set (all subject to the will of Allah [swt] of course):

  • Hajj 2011
  • First kid 2012
  • Move overseas 2014-2015?

Holy Schnikies!

I wonder if there is a culinary school somewhere in the UAE?  I can’t find anything with a cursory search of Sh. Google.  I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.  Can’t really go to culinary school here, as a lot of the ingredients aren’t really halal (meat, wine).  Maybe it would be better in the gulf, if such a school existed?  And would fancy restaurants hire a female chef?

And how can I ship all my books over there?  Will it cost me a fortune?  I can’t leave my books behind *sniffs*

Also, what kind of cat supplies are available over there?  AbuS gave me a firm commitment last night that the Squeakster would be traveling with us, alhamdulilah (of course, there was never any doubt in my mind that she would go where ever I go.  Getting the husband to realize that, another story).  Now I just have to work on the goal of getting Squeaky a friend :)


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