recipes on the to make list

Homemade vegetable bouillon – I’m uber excited about this one.  I currently use Rapunzel Bouillon cubes when I make anything that calls for stock, unless it’s specifically for AbuS – then I use halal maggi.  Speaking of maggi, have you ever looked at the ingredients?  Um, all chemicals, no chicken in sight *shudders*  So yeah, anyways, I make a lot of soup, and go through a lot of bouillon.  It would be nice to see how this tastes and if it works out to be cheaper in the long run.  I dabbled in making my own straight up stock, but it seemed like a lot of vegetables for not much liquid in the end.

Homemade pop tarts – Does this really need an explanation?  If you eat zabiha only, pop tarts aren’t halal (helloooo gelatin).  Yet how can we go without this essential food staple?  While it wouldn’t make a very healthy breakfast, it is a nice weekend treat.

Cinnabon-esque cinnamon rolls – another recipe that will probably be a brought out rarely.  I’m trying to create traditions for our family.  On special days (mainly christmas), my mom baked cinnamon rolls.  I’d like to do the same now for eids :)

Restaurant Style Sesame Chicken – have to find something to substitute for the sherry.  Maybe fish sauce?  I get the splendid table podcast, and one of the questions recently was good substitutes for alcohol in recipes, and Lynne mentioned fish sauce.  Hmmm…

Olive Garden-esque Minestrone, Pasta E Fagioli and Chicken and Gnocchi soup – are we sensing a theme?  Since going all natural and zabiha, we haven’t eaten out very much. 

Anyone out there have a recipe that I absolutely must try?  Extra points for healthy, naturalistic dishes that will make me forget the fat filled restaurant foods of my past.

10 thoughts on “recipes on the to make list

  1. Yummy and not full of lots of chemicals! inshaAllah I’ll post if/when I make em. I have some fabulous strawberry/rhubarb jam from central wisconsin that I’ll use.

  2. Salaam sis,

    I have made those Cinnabon clones and they are decadent and delish!

    I usually use rice vinegar as a sub for sherry in Chinese food. If it were larger than 1 tablespoon, I might use half apple juice, half rice vinegar but for 1 T it’s no biggie. You could use broth or water. I’m sure fish sauce would be good as well.

    I love restaurant copycats too sis. It’s not just the halal thing – I am too cheap to pay $10 for a plate of pasta more than once a year. LOL. I love this Benihana style fried rice: You can cut the butter down (but don’t cut it OUT!) since you are trying to eat more healthily. Add some garlic too!

    I like this Benihana style shrimp sauce too: Also not “lite” but really good. Definitely cut the recipe in half because it makes a TON. It’s nice on broiled or grilled shrimp.

    Oh yes, and if you like Chipotle, you should make this: It’s so delicious! They have ancho chilies at Cub Foods.

    • wa alaikum assalam Am,

      Oooo, jazakAllah khair. I’ve never been to a behihanas, but I will have to try those recipes for sure! I’m sure AbuS will be all over the shrimp sauce.

  3. Salaam again sis,

    With the shrimp sauce, a little goes a long way. Benihana is a yummy restaurant but I hate that you have to sit with strangers unless you come with a big group. Ick.

    I am curious how the veg bouillon turns out. I make my own chicken stock all the time. If we get rotisserie chicken from Holy Land or if I make roasted chicken, I throw the bones in a plastic bag in the freezer and when I’ll be home all day I throw the bones in a pot and just boil them all day with some salt and a bay leaf. This is supposed to be a good source of minerals and vitamins. I dunno about all that but it does taste good. I reduce the stock and freeze it in small baggies for later use. It is really convenient and better tasting than Maggi, which is basically just MSG in cube form.

    I’m making that Olive Garden gnocchi soup tomorrow – I have a pack of gnocchi nearing expiration and I’m so glad you posted the recipe link! I have never had that soup at OG nor have I had gnocchi so it will be an exciting new recipe. I’ll just have to dig like crazy to find my thyme. I grew a bunch this summer but forgot to clip it and freeze or dry it so I’ll have to use the kind in a jar. No biggie!

  4. wa alaikum assalam,

    If you do make the bouillon before me, let me know how it works. I’m planning on trying it sometime in February, if I don’t have to work weekends. The reviews look great, and what I’ve tried from the 101cookbooks website usually turns out pretty good.

    Mmmmm, gnocci. That’s another thing I will have to try to make from scratch at some point.

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