ummsqueakster is…

…feeling down and mopey.  If you could spare a positive vibe and a dua, I’d appreciate it.

Here’s a squeaky for your troubles


5 thoughts on “ummsqueakster is…

  1. One good Squeaky deserves another!

    My Pongkey, survivor of feline panleukopenia out of 6 kitties. Her tummy is much, much bigger now.

    Hope you are feeling a lot better, insha Allah.

  2. Assalamu alaikum,
    Dear UmmS…Insha’Allah the mopes have passed as does everything EXCEPT HIM…cute little S looks as though she is being a ‘copy cat’ snuggled in ‘mopeland’ there! LOL! Insha’Allah we see you both bouncing back SOON..meanwhile I will say special words for you at the Dome of Felicity later today :)
    Wassalamu alaikum

  3. JazakAllah khair all.

    UmmPongkey, she is just beautiful! She looks like 2 kitties we had at the shelter recently who were alhamdulilah adopted :D

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