the weekly squeaky

Caught mid bath


2 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. she is so cute! I love those mid-bath pictures. Tinker is having a hard time, she is in heat and has an over whelming desire to satisfy herself on Kamal’s arm sleeve, she has ripped up his one packers sweatshirt. And yesterday she tried to do that to me, when I tried redirecting her, she left me a 4 inch slash on my arm. Next month incha allah she will be fixed.

  2. LOL at the deer caught in the headlights look! I have a similar pic of my Chunky, who last month was on heat too and was spraying hormones around the house! Yep. A lot of cleaning had to be done. She just had her op a week ago and is recovering fine. Pongkey had hers 2 years ago.. hence the big belly!

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