The world is a funny place.

In high school, I was debate partners and good friends with a liberal, gay, hispanic lapsed jehovah’s witness. 

We reconnected on facebook, and now I find that he’s a conservative and jewish.  And also, judging from his email that has 1948 after his name, a big supporter of israel. 

No value judgments made at all, but just thinking…my how people change

(which I could also say about myself, although I’m still an opinionated liberal tree hugging democrat, just a muslim one instead of a christian).


4 thoughts on “heh

  1. Bismillah…

    I prefer to allign myself to Allah’s revealation to his Messenger Sallallah `Alayh wa Sallam and everything else stems from that certainty. May Allah make me sincere in this, Amin Ya Rabb!


  2. mash’Allah, I didn’t clock on you reverted to Islam :D

    My cat has a bad paw, du’as please :(

    He’s limping and it’s heartbreaking…but we do chuckle when he ends up hopping for food as he tries to run….ahhhh bless my cat


  3. Daaniyah, I’ll take that as a compliment :) I’ve always wondered at what point one is considered just a plain ol muslim, and no longer as the token convert. As I approach a decade in islam, I hope it’s soon.

    I’ll keep your kitty in my thoughts. They’re resiliant little creatures though. I’ve seen 3 legged cats get around just as fast as their 4 legged friends :)

  4. LOL @ plain ol’ Muslim!

    Yes, please do take it as a compliment….it’s always great news when you hear of people choosing Islam as their path. AlHamdulilLah.

    Right on, girl!

    My lil Garfield’s paw is quite bad, inshAllah may he be granted Shifa- ameen thumma ameen!

    :) Have a good day sis

    Fi amanAllah

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