cat v dog

This is one of the reasons I’m a cat person.  Yes, I have to clean the litter box, but at least I don’t have to stand in sub 0 weather while she does her business.  And there’s nothing like a warm and purring kitty to snuggle with after you’ve come in from the great frozen north.

No offense to any dog people out there.  I just *heart* my kitty.


10 thoughts on “cat v dog

  1. She is so sweet – simply adorable – please post more pictures of her – r cats easy to look after – what do u feed her and what about her fur – more details – all details please!

  2. Assalamu Alaikum sister Khadija,

    I have lots of posts on my beloved Squeaky :)

    She has her own page here –
    And a million posts about her with the category “cat” –

    Are you interested in adopting a kitty? If so, please feel free to email me and we can talk more about it :) I’m a huge proponent of adopting and have some experience as a shelter volunteer and cat owner. Ummsqueakster at

    In general, cats are very easy to take care of. If properly trained, they don’t scratch your furniture, will use a litter box, and are content with food, water, a place to sleep and 30 minutes of play time a day. Issues do usually arise when illnesses crop up, but then, every living creature gets sick. As such, I usually tell people to make sure they have enough $$$ put aside in case they need to take their kitty to the vet.

    One must also be patient. Kitties can take some time to adjust, and they have their moodswings, just like people :) If the cat suddenly stops using the litter box, you have to be willing to find the reason and work with your kitty, not just chuck him/her out the door.

    re: fur. We use the furminator about once a week – – and it greatly reduces shedding. Of course, cats will still shed, so getting used to being covered in cat hair is one of the musts of cat companionship :)

    We feed her purina one natural. A lot of big name cat foods have chemicals and animal byproducts in them that are just nasty. Purina One Natural isn’t the best, but it is what we can afford at present.

    If you have any more questions or want more advice re: adopting, please do email me. It is one of my passions (in case you couldn’t tell, ha).

      • Yeah, in the winter you could just let the dogs run around in the back yard, but they really do need to get out and go for a walk, otherwise they’ll go crazy (said from experience living with friends who had 3 rather large and one humungous dog in a very small house).

  3. Wow to the Furminator! Do you use the brush or the shampoo products as well? I’ve never come across them. I only use a standard brush on my cats and also vaccuum like mad (well, I am supposed to, but there are so many other interesting things to do, like say, hug a cat).

    We use Orijen for our cats, it is corn and wheat free, and has human grade chicken in it, as well as lots of other goodies. Sometimes I think my cats eat better than we do! :)

    • Ah, I envy you. I try to convince AbuS that we should feed the Squeakster something better, but it falls on deaf ears. We went to a cat show last year, and I thought, here’s my chance! So we asked a judge what she fed her cats, and wouldn’t you know, she feeds her cats crap – even worse than the purina one naturals >:( I was like, oh, um yeah, let’s go ask someone else :s

      We use just the furminator and a zoom groom, no shampoos. It really is amazing. The first few times we used it, I was afraid she’d go bald after awhile since so much hair came out, but she’s still as fluffy as ever. I think it pulls out the under coat hairs that will naturally come lose and shed, so you’re doing pre-emptive desheddding.

      Squeaky tolerates the furminator for a few minutes, but after that, no more, so we go to the zoom groom, which she loves. It’s like a little kitty massager. Lots of hair out that way too.

      • Orijen is a surprising budget saver for us, because the cats eat less of it as it is so nutrient-dense, so they produce less waste (saves on litter), and they rarely get sick because they eat well (so hooray to less vet bills!). I think we are spending about 25 cents per cat per day on food. They haven’t been sick in years… unfortunately now the bugs for cat flu is going around so my lovelies have got em. :-( Please make dua… I’ve got them meds from the vet but I am still doing the traditional boiled chicken breasts to boost em…

        Thanks for the info about the tools, I really ought to ask my vet about Furminator, I have 2 long hairs and 4 semi longs, so you can imagine the amount of fur. It is simply amazing the amount of fur that is lurking underneath their main coats..

        Hugzzz to the Squeakster!!!

      • Hmm, I may have to mention that to AbuS. Orijen was on my original list of possible foods, but the price tag was a bit scary.

        On my cat forum, long haired cat people seem quite happy using the furminator on their babies :) Check amazon for a sale. I think I got mine there for under $20. Check out the zoom groom too. I brushed Squeaky last night, and she was in kitty heaven when it got to zoom groom time. Whenever I finished, she would run over to it and start rubbing her face against it.

        Lots of duas and positive vibes for your sick babies!

  4. Jazakallah the pictures r to good to be true – sent your mail to my kids – she is soooooooooo cute – I simply love her but I do not think I could adopt any baby now – have a parrot Muslim whom I love a lot but do not cuddle – All the best to u and all the pets Ameen

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