look who “graced” my alma mater yesterday

Twas the Caged Virgin herself.

Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali draws capacity audience at UW-Madison

In her hour and a half talk, Hirsi Ali stood firm on her controversial views. She said she had once been a devout Muslim, but had since come to question not just how Islam has been interpreted and practiced, but the core of the Prophet Mohammad’s teachings.

“No culture, no religion, no idea has ever been as brutal to women as Islam,” she told the crowd. “It was a special kind of hatred the Nazis had against the Jews. Islam sanctions a special kind of hatred against women.”

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On one hand, barf.  On the other, I’m saddened that they needed all that security.  The “Distinguished Lecture Series” is the same one that brought Pipes to speak when I was there.  Bah.


3 thoughts on “look who “graced” my alma mater yesterday

  1. It just gets progressively worse. It was Daniel Pipes when I was there, then Robert Spencer a few years ago, and now this. Who else could they possibly find to top this?

    Maybe I’ll email the MSA and suggest they see if they can get Imam Zaid to come. He gives good lectures that would be interesting to the general populus I think.

  2. Yeah! Islam sanctions hate against women which is why the Qur’an says that “Those who remember Allah from amongst the men and WOMEN, Allah has promised forgiveness and a mighty reward”. This is also why much of our knowledge of this “hate towards women” comes from women themselves. Many were Muhaddithaat, and in fact, the one who transmitted our knowledge is none other than Sayyidatuna `Aishah Radhiyallah `Anha(!) Allah promissing women reward is hateful? It is clear that she is either mentally unstable or getting paid and has no intelectual honesty. `Alayhim Min Allah Ma Yastahiqqun.

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