I have to say, Sh. Faraz’s blog is one of my favorites.  I can honestly say that everything I’ve read there is beneficial (as opposed to oh, I don’t know, this blog that’s full of fluff).

In this commentary on awrad, he reminds us of 2 truly beautiful ahadith:

The Messenger of Allah (saws) related that Allah Most High says, “I am as My servant thinks of Me. And I am with them when they remember Me. And, by Allah, Allah rejoices more in the repentance of His servant than when one of you finds their lost property in a vast space. Whoever draws close to Me by a handspan, I draw close to them by an arm’s length; and whoever draws close to Me by an arm’s length, I draw close to them by two arm’s lengths; and whoever directs themselves to Me walking, I direct Myself to them running.” [Muslim, from Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased with him); Bukhari mentions it with similar wording]

Imam Ahmad (ra) relates that the Prophet (saws) said that Allah Most High says, “O child of Adam! Stand up for Me, and I will walk towards you. Walk towards Me, and I will rush towards you.” [Ahmad, Musnad, with a rigorously authenticated (sahih) chain of narrators according to Imam Mundhiri, in his Targhib ]

How awesome is our Lord that all we need do is make a small action, a small movement, a small turn in direction towards Him, and He then pulls us with such force close to Him!

Start small.  Baby steps.  Crawl.  Then walk.  Then pick up the pace.  Maybe jog a little.  And finally when you are able, run towards your Lord!


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