best. sinbuster. ever.

Just say Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim before you do everything.

Anything and everything.

Think about if you really want to be doing that action with the name of Allah (swt).  Would Allah (swt) approve of that snarky post?  Or that morsel you’re going to put in your mouth?

And if not, why the heck are you doing it???

Plus, you get the added bonus of doing dhikr throughout the day.  Why would we NOT want to say bismillah (aside from the fact that we have lazy, lazy nafs)?


4 thoughts on “best. sinbuster. ever.

  1. I just posted about how this is my favourite Islamic expression. And I still haven’t gotten the habit of saying bismillah before everything I do… It’s hard to make a habit, but I really need to put more effort into that.

    Thank you for this awesome post.

  2. I read this post when you wrote it, and commented, and tried to remember it, but life happens and I just need a mental post-it or something to say bismillah more often. It’s so not in my habits… Any tips? I could literally put a post it on my door, fridge, mirror, in my car, at the office. OK, I will go prepare those post-its now and bring them to these places :)

  3. Nothing wrong with post it notes! I have a bunch of duas written on index cards stuck throughout the house – one by my bed with morning and evening duas, one by the door with coming and going duas, and others at random. Then, when I see it, gotta say it :)

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