sadaqa opportunity! please vote…

…for Feline Rescue.  Help us win a grant from the Animal Rescue Site and Petfinder!   It won’t take but a minute.  This is the organization I give a few hours of my Sundays to.  I scoop litter boxes, clean kennels, and then relax with the kitties.  The rescue specializes in providing rehabilitation and homes for  stray and abused cats.  Once a kitty comes into the organization, it has a home for life.  If s/he isn’t adopted, they stay in the shelter or in a foster home.

I know I have anywhere from 100 to 200 people reading this blog every day, and if each of you click every day, and then asks a few friends to click, we could win this thing!  Think of it as sadaqa that takes but a few seconds each day.  Search for “Feline Rescue” in Saint Paul, MN 55114.

Because we’re a no kill shelter, our space (and resources) are limited.  If we get too many cats, we don’t kill a few to make more room.  Instead, we have to turn cats away.  With this $$$, we could make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds more homeless and abused cats.

Imagine on the Day of Judgment finding these kitties there being asked by Allah (swt) about the good that you did for them:

This is my sweet Mekash, who’s kennel I clean every Sunday.  She is a huge love bug, but is not a fan of other cats, which is probably why she’s still at the shelter after nearly a year.  If you sit in front of her cage on a chair, she’ll hop out on your lap and knead away.  She was abandoned in a carrier at the door to our shelter.

This is Rajaa,  the office Queen.  She’s a senior girl (over 10 years old, can’t remember her exact age) who’s also an only cat kinda gal.  She lives in the office and sleeps on top of the copier.

This is my beautiful and immodest Abigail (and the bottom of my skirt).  She has some issues with her back hips, so she will waddle around with the most adorable gate.  When you pet her, she melts in your hands and rolls over for a belly rub.  I’d love to adopt her, and we’ll see if she’s still at the shelter when we move apartments this summer.

This is Bobby, one of the shelter’s lifers.  He’s a manx (ie naturally has no tail) and a polydactl (meaning he has more toes than most cats).  He also has sever stomach troubles that can cause him to be very grouchy.  He was rescued from the street, and has his very own room at the shelter.  We let him out with the other kitties during our shift, but has to make sure that he doesn’t feel the need to pick a fight with anyone.  This is Bobby’s domain, we’re just visitors in it.

This is Brutus, one of our newer shelter residents.  He was in the med room for quite some time, as he also has stomach issues.  Since they’re not resolved, he has to stay in his kennel most of the day, so he doesn’t eat food that will upset his stomach.  But, during the shift, we let him out and he’s the world’s happiest kitty.  He is HUGE, probably close to 30lbs.  But, he has this adorable, high pitched squeaky meow.  When you pass by his cage, he gives you this puppy dog look and just begs you to let him out.

In the background of the pic behind the door, you can just make out Socrates.  He’s a FeLV positive boy.  FeLV is pretty contagious, so he can’t interact with other cats.  At most other shelters, he’d be killed, no questions asked.  But at Feline Rescue, cats with terminal illnesses are given a place to live and thrive.  We also have a separate room for kitties with Feline AIDS.  Two of the 3 FIV+ kitties were actually adopted just a few weeks ago.  Here’s a close up of Socrates:

And finally, this is Gin Gin, one of the “shy” kitties.  The 4 of them, mom and her three kittens (who are all now full grown cats), used to live in Socrate’s room.  They would huddle at the end of the room, and hiss whenever anyone came near.  In the last month, all but Rococo have been venturing out, and will even let the occasional person pet them.  Now that they’ve been moved into a general population room, they’re forced to interact with other cats and are starting to come out of their shell.  Gin Gin in particular will approach you if you’re sitting on the floor (bonus if you have treats), and will allow you to pet her as she saunters by.  She looks like my Squeaky:


2 thoughts on “sadaqa opportunity! please vote…

  1. Thanks much! Gin Gin would probably do best in a very quiet home, especially if she was adopted with one of her siblings, or with her mom. They really are painfully shy, and not a big fan of more boisterous cats. I doubt she’d do well with a dog :(

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