curse you trader joe’s…

…for attempting to sabotage by healthy eating *shakes fist in their general direction*  I went there to simply get some cheap salad greens and whole wheat couscous, and what do I find?

Cheese in a cup!

And not just any cheese in a cup, but VEGETARIAN cheese in a cup!  Be still my beating heart.

As you may remember, I often lament about cheese maker’s inability to list the source of their rennet, and the apparent lack of vegetarian (and therefore having a better chance of being halal) cheese in a cup.

And there it was, right there on the shelf, vegetarian pub cheese in a cup.  It mocked me as I attempted to lower my gaze and look desperately for something healthy to grab instead.

Alas, I have no willpower, and ended up buying the cheese in a cup.  While it doesn’t hold a candle to the excellent processed cheese foodstuffs made by the University of Wisconsin, it wasn’t too bad.  It was definitely lighter and fluffier.  I spread just a smidgen on some multigrain wheat thins (ugh, crackers, now that’s a whole ‘nother post.  How hard is it to find whole wheat crackers that don’t have a whole bunch of junk in them?  Apparently darn near impossible), and I’m in heaven.

The best part?  It’s not sabotaging my healthy eating.  In the past when I’ve indulged in cheese in a cup, it’s been gone within 2 or 3 days.  With the TJ processed cheese foodstuffs,  we’ve only gone through 1/3 of the tub and I continue to lose weight.   Alhamdulilah.  Moderation is the key (duh), but it’s easier said than done.


4 thoughts on “curse you trader joe’s…

  1. This reminds me: I spoke with a local cheesemaker here and he said the only time he’s ever heard of using animal rennet to start cheese has been for specialty cheeses. If you look for Fancy Brand which comes from the Burnett County Dairy, all of the rennet is microbial. It’s also regularly inspected to comply with Kosher requirements. You can find them in Cub and Rainbow and a few other places.

  2. Thanks for the note! I had always though that animal rennet was standard for most cheese making, but maybe it’s only certain kinds?

    I will definitely look up fancy brand. I see they have the all important cheese curd and a bunch of other mouth watering opinions. Gah, and I was doing so good cutting back on dairy!

  3. Wisconsinites trying to give up the cheese.

    I’m Jen, and I’m a cheese addict. Last night, I sat down with my tub of trader joe’s pub cheese and a box of crackers and ate mindlessly in front of the television.


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