the weekly squeaky

Squeaky has graciously given up her normal Monday time slot for this Very Important Announcement:

Mekasch got adopted!  Bust out the (non alcoholic) champagne and party!  Alas, I did not get to say good bye to my sweet sweet kitty, but I am happy to know she went home with a good purrson, who will love her and spoil her as an only kitty.

And I’m now going to stop saying that any cat is a lifer at our shelter, because one of the kitties I thought would NEVER find a furever home was also adopted recently – Danielle.  Danielle was a senior lady, a beautiful long haired domestic, who ended up on the streets.  She had a rough time, and when she was brought in, all her teeth were rotting out of her mouth.  They were all pulled, and over the next 2 and a half years, the socializers worked very hard to gain her trust.  She’d allow very few people to approach her, and even if you offered her (soft) treats, she would run away, curl up in an empty kennel and glower at you for daring to approach.

Well, some kind hearted cat lover decided she deserved a loving home, and took on the challenge.  Mabrook Danielle, on finding a nice place to retire to.


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