the weekly squeaky

Did I mention that my parents were up to visit last weekend?  Over all, pretty darn good.  We made andean bean stew with winter squash and quinoa and experimented with my potbread, adding 1/4 whole wheat flour (both of which turned out quite good, alhamdulilah).

And of course, they met the Squeakster and absolutely adored her.  They’re going on a safari in Botswana next week, and had purchased a digital camera that they could use all their fancy lenses with.  Thus, they needed a practice subject.  She wasn’t quite as active as her distant relatives out on the sahara, but oh my, what a difference a good camera makes.


6 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. And Botswana!! :-) reading the No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency made me want to visit Botswana too… hope they have a fun and safe trip!

  2. I’m sure Squeaky would be happy to have many adoring fans who would lavish love on her (and feed her more)

    I actually mentioned that series to my mom when I heard about it on NPR awhile back. She actually found time to read it amidst all the kid’s books she reads for her job (she’s a teacher/workaholic), and then recommended it back to me, forgetting that I had first recommended it to her, ha. I have the first one, but have to get through my current reading of the epic wheel of time series.

  3. Super cute pictures of your little one.

    May your parents have a safe and enjoyable trip. Please share some of their pictures, if you are able.

  4. Wow! I love the new pics of Squeaky!!! They are beautiful. BTW where is Botswana?

    Looks like we are coming up to EC this weekend. I know your hubby is coming home so let me know when you will be coming to WI. Or we’ll just have to plan another time!!

  5. rebecca – inshaAllah I will. My mom is an avid photographer, so I’m sure they’ll have thousands to chose from.

    Terrie – Botswana is in the south of Africa. I don’t think we’ll be able to get together this weekend, as we’ve got a ton of things we need to do :( I’m thinking about the first week of April, but I’ll have to see after AbuS gets home and gets over his jet lag.

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