and I thought muslim message boards where tough…

…I got banned from a vegetarian board today.  After my first post.

I’ve found myself slowly slipping towards vegetarianism, and finally admitted to myself today that although I do like meat, I just can’t bare to support an unethical meat industry, so I might as well just start hanging with vegetarians.

Only vegetarians were allowed, so I was honest and upfront in my first post.  I stated that I was an ethical omnivore (ie I only eat animal products where I’m assured that the animal is treated humanely), but that because of a variety of reasons (mainly due to the fact that humanely raised zabiha meat doesn’t really exist in this country, and in the rare instances it does, it’s way to expensive for me), I found myself living and eating as a vegetarian.  I promised not to debate meat politics, and only engage in friendly chat re: food.

Apparently I wasn’t vegetarian enough for them :/  Who am I going to ask about Bob’s Red Mill vegetarian egg replacer now?

So meat eaters think I’m nutso because I actually care about how the animals I may eat are cared for and think factory farming is an abomination (and unislamic).  And vegetarians apparently don’t want me either.  What’s a meat minimalist to do? meh.

Continuing on in that vein, I’ve noticed a few threads on my muslim message boards recently about the frivolity of keeping a pet, and how there’s no reason for a muslim to have one.

What I really need is to find a community of crunchy, politically liberal, religiously traditional cat loving muslims.  Anyone?  Anyone?

On a related note, AbuS (who is coming home tomorrow, huzzah!) informed me that he no longer wanted to eat red meat, or at least eat it very very rarely.  I’ll have to see what brought that on (probably a glut of unhealthy eating and seeing what eating lots of red meat has done to peeps he knows in Egypt), but I’m so excited!  My goal is to reduce our (read his) meat consumption to the bare minimum, so that we can afford to purchase organic and local produce and dairy.

I’ve succeeded in introducing him to political liberality and loving of the cats, butI don’t quite have him to the crunchy stage yet (and forget religiously traditional, ha).  But, 2 out of 4 ain’t bad.  inshaAllah we’ll get to 3 of 4, and make lots of dua for 4 of 4, ha.


14 thoughts on “and I thought muslim message boards where tough…

  1. Vegetarian message boards can be awful! I’m a 20+ year vegetarian, but still limit my time with such places. There are some friendly ones out there who would be happy to answer your questions!

  2. Thanks for the comment James. Would you happen to have any boards to recommend who wouldn’t mind a non traditional vegetarian in their midst? I was booted from VeggieBoards today.

  3. I had a feeling you were talking about VeggieBoards. It gets pretty hostile in there, even for vegheads. Sorry for your bad experience!

    My favored forum is VegPeople: The crowd is slightly older and much more informative. The Kind Diet Site isn’t bad, but not highly populated and advice/recommendations come mostly from the book. ( I’ve heard good things about VegWeb, but haven’t really had the time to check them out yet. (

    Better luck to you!

  4. I think lots of meat eaters care about how about the animals they eat are cared for and agree with you on factory farming and wouldn’t think you are nutso at all.

    Local produce and dairy here is generally cheaper than non-local. Have you looked into CSA subscriptions near you?

    • I wish there was a gathering place online for ethical omnivores. Maybe that’s what I need to look for…

      A CSA is on the maybe list for this year, as the tax man took a bit more then we expected, unfortunately. AbuS and I do plan on going on weekend trips to local farms, to see how it’s all done, and to pick up produce right from the source. Maybe not the best use of gasoline, but we need to get out of the cities. We haven’t been on a vacation since he got here, and the last trip we took together was like 4 years ago, down to Chicago to register stuff with the Egyptian embassy. Visiting farms sounds like an ideal mini vacation to me :)

  5. awww….you’ll always have me, kiddo. ;)

    funny, people always peg veggers as a bunch of “light on their feet” folks. They can be some militant harda****.


    • Hey Doodle, long time no see! I hope all is well with you :D

      I apologize for missing this comment – went into spam for some reason. I don’t know if it was worse, since I didn’t get to stick around long enough to find out, ha.

  6. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I was watching the film version of Fast Food Nation the other day, and couldn’t stop laughing when those “activists” tried to set the cows free by sawing down the fence, and couldn’t persuade them to just run out of the field.

    As for veggie boards though, perhaps boards have rules like that because they want to be places for people who have already settled on vegetarianism, so they don’t actually have to discuss the rights and wrongs of eating meat or help people decide whether to become veggies or not. Much as you have Muslim boards or sisters-only or brothers-only boards and so on. You have boards for people who have certain illnesses, and some are for sufferers and/or carers only, and some welcome others (for example, they want to avoid people discussing whether the illness really exists, or touting miracle cures and other nonsense). You can’t really complain if you join a forum which is specifically for a given group, tell them you’re not from that group and then get kicked off.

  7. wa alaikum assalam,

    Meh, I thought I was close enough to the vegetarian label to be accepted. IMHO, the lines between vegan and vegetarian are like those between vegetarian and an ethical omnivore. They all care about how animals are treated, they just disagree as to what the animal’s place (if any) is in the food chain.

    Any I think just about every message board I’ve ever been on has allowed anyone and everyone (aside from gender specific boards), so long as you promise to be polite and abide by the forum rules. Non muslims can be great members of muslim boards, even if the forum disallows debate.

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