a jew and a muslim walk onto a farm…

…and no, they don’t start to argue about Israel/Palestine.

Unlikely duo teams up for kosher, halal

Yasir Syeed: The idea about halal and kosher: It’s not just, OK, was it cut the right way? Was the right thing said? Those are important too. But the whole spirit behind both of them is that when you’re taking this animal’s life, you’re doing it in a way that’s with dignity and with mercy. You also have to make sure that the whole life that it lived, also, is one that had dignity and mercy. And in a farm like this, I mean, the animals, they’re treated practically like family.

Kimelman-Block: I think that there’s actually two or three different ways that Jewish and Muslim rituals really come together — and this is, like, one of the big ones. And so why not work together on it? I mean, it’s nothing but good.

Syeed: You know, sometimes people think interfaith is getting together and talking about your religion, my religion. Interfaith is just you know, it’s Devora and Yasir at a farm.

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