the weekly squeaky

The Squeakster got a bath yesterday, but alas, I didn’t get any decent pictures.  We’re really very blessed to have such a non spastic cat.  She only tried to escape once and was only mad at me for an hour or 2 afterwords.


5 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

    • wa alaikum assalam,

      Heh. Thankfully, she doesn’t chew on my books. She’s chewed up the corners of my coffee table for some odd reason, but I’ll give her that any day over my almost complete collection of star wars novels :)

  1. “only mad at me for an hour or 2 afterwords.” That really made me laugh hahah! My cat is so like that… if I push her off my lap or something, she will go and sit away from me, with her back turned and not even look at me lol! Cats are so funny.

  2. Terrie – I have his promise that he’ll be writing some reflections. Now I’ve just got to hold him to it.

    Ellen – Yaay for silly kitties :)

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