reviving a dying meme

I haven’t seen this one in awhile.  What’s in my purse?

We’ve got (going clockwise):

  • crazy cat lady purse
  • a minnesota essential, mittens
  • Mark Bittman’s Food Matters
  • Salat & Salam: In Praise of Allah’s Most Beloved
  • set of prayer beads #1
  • pen and paper
  • savings ledger
  • phone
  • set of prayer beads #2
  • awesome crazy cat lady wallet
  • ipod
  • crazy cat lady library card
  • bus schedules
  • business card of seamstress who shortens my skirts
  • keys
  • inhaler

Now wasn’t that thrilling?

What’s in your purse?


2 thoughts on “reviving a dying meme

  1. I don’t have a picture, but:

    -Nail file
    -Burt’s Bees hand repair creme (awesome!)
    -JC Penney’s receipts
    -broken headphones
    -ipod, cell phone
    -not one, but TWO pocket-sized cat calenders
    -faux gator skin wallet

    Books are always carried in a seperate bag, and I won’t bore you with those. :)

    That is a cute purse, where did you find it?

  2. Ooo, 2 cat calendars. Surely that’s a sign of crazy cat lady-ness :) I usually lug around a few books as well in my “books. cats. life is sweet.” tote bag. I currently have a wheel of time book and my umbrella there. What books are you lugging around?

    AbuS bought me the purse from a vendor at a cat show for my birthday. I think it’s available online, let me dig around a bit to see if I have the link somewhere…

    Also, this is my tote bag –

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