my new best friend


It’s awesome.

We’re moving this summer inshaAllah, and I really want to live close to a masjid.  With padmapper, I can look at the area around masjids and see what’s available right there on a map.  Spiffiness.

We have another appointment tonight at an apartment I’m really really really excited about.  It’s a bit above our price range, but it’s 1 block from a masjid.  Not my favorite masjid in the cities, but still, it’s a masjid that’s open for all 5 salat.

Also exciting, the owner renovates the apartment before we move in.  Beautiful tiling in the bathroom, real stone tiles in the kitchen, the choice of real hardwood floors or new carpet in the rest of the place, new counter tops, refurbished vintage cupboards, a huge storage closet, a little den off the living room, a large bedroom, I’m totally in love.


4 thoughts on “my new best friend

  1. Oh, dear Lord, this is perfect. I’ve been flipping between Google Maps and craigslist for so long. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

    Hmmm. . . the apartment complex doesn’t have a famous eastern city name in its title, does it?

  2. Oo, do you know about options in the area? The one we’re looking at is on the corner of Lowrey and Jackson.

  3. Yikes, I can’t say that I would live there again. I briefly lived on the east side of Central near the Holy Land, and I don’t think I’ve heard so many sirens in my life. I can’t say I’ve seen or heard anything about the particular landlord you mentioned.

    The apartment complex I mentioned was a bit south near Patel’s grocery, and I was going to advise against that place as the site manager isn’t the most pleasant of individuals.

    Me? I’m waiting to hear back from a new job I applied for before I start really apartment hunting.

    oy vey.

  4. Hmm, I hadn’t noticed that. We live in a kind of sketchy place on the east side with drug dealers and such, and gang fights in front of the corner (arab run) grocery store. I had hoped to get away from all that, rrr.

    Well, it may not work out anyways, since the landlord hasn’t called AbuS back yet, so that may be a sign :)

    Is the one you’re wary of a New B….? I read bad reviews about a crazy landlady, so that one got crossed off my list quick.

    Good luck in your job search! I hope you get something you enjoy and that will allow you to live where you like :D

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