end of the weeky Squeaky

Because the Lord knows I need one.  It was lookin pretty dicey there for a time, but alhamdulilah it all turned out well.  I wish I could just spend the weekend sitting on the couch, petting my cat, but alas, we have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow, which means lots of cleaning and cooking need to be done in the next 24 hours.

inshaAllah I’ll get a bit of uninterrupted Squeaky time this evening before buckling down and cleaning.  Yuck.


4 thoughts on “end of the weeky Squeaky

  1. Hehehe my Pongkey looks to be about the same size too…

    How did the entertaining go? What did you cook? I made coconut rice with hot pepper sauce and blanched prawns.. hehehehe.

  2. It went well alhamdulilah. I made a chicken curry with brown basmati rice, kuftah and a whole wheat banana bread that went over very well. AbuS made some sort of egyptian beef dish, can’t remember the name. AbuS was all prepared to present an egyptian style dinner (ie meat meat and more meat) and surprisingly, our guests actually were in the midst of reducing their meat consumption, so I was right to have wanted to serve more veggies, ha.

    You should start a blog to post your recipes and pictures of your feline clan :D

  3. I have too many pictures of the Squeakster to even consider ending the series, even if no one was reading it anymore. She’s just too adorable not to get her own internet face time, heh.

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