end of the weeky squeaky


11 thoughts on “end of the weeky squeaky

  1. Oh no, don’t worry. We have the weekly squeaky on Monday, and now the end of the weeky squeaky on Friday. Don’t worry, I have a thousand more Squeaky pictures that need blog time :)

  2. wow… it took me a few days but I finally got the play on words… LOL

    I need to practice my English apparently.

  3. Asalamualaikum

    I really like your blog, saw it as your sig on sunniforum. Your cat is so cute mashAllah. Reminds me of just yesterday I saw a rather sad story about how many cats and dogs have to die a grueling death in Japan because its the trend there to have cute, small pets. A kitten, so young, had to suffer 30 minutes in carbon monoxide gas before it finally died. So it’s a very nice thing what you have done with the cat.

    • wa alaikum assalam,

      JazakAllah khair for your comment. It’s so sad that people don’t give older animals a chance. We have a few cats at our rescue who are returns. One poor dear is 10 years old and was adopted from us 9 years ago. Imagine being with a family for 9 years, only to be dropped like yesterday’s old trash.

      Alhamdulilah though, we do have people who will give these kitties a chance :)

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