on this earth day…

…something to ponder.
Anas Ibn Malik (ra) tells us that the the Prophet (saws)  said:

” if the Hour came and in the hand of any of you a Faseelah (a small palm) and was able to plant it before he stands let him do so “

reported by Ahmed (12981), Al Tayalisi (2068), Al Bukhari in Al Adab Al Mufrad (479) and others.

To me, this is a clear sign from our beloved that we cannot take a fatalistic approach to our planet.

Only a finite supply of oil?  Who cares, we’ll be dead before it’s used up!

Dwindling forests as we continue cut down large swaths of trees to feed our hunger for meat meat meat?  Who cares, we’ll be dead before it will matter!

The temperature slowly rising, melting the ice caps so that wildlife loses its’ habitat, and coastal cities are threatened?  Who cares, we’ll be dead before it will matter (and global warming is a crock)!

Or (even worse), Allah (swt) gave us this land to use as we see fit, we’re the owners of it, so we can run it into the ground if we want, nah nah nah nah nah nah.

Allah (swt) reminds us over and over again in His book:

In the heavens and the earth there are certainly signs for the believers. And in your creation and all the creatures He has scattered about there are signs for people with certainty.


How should we treat a sign of Allah (swt)?  Would we take a page of the Qur’an, spit on it, crumble it up, find some mud to throw it in and then stomp on it?  Audhubillah!

So why do we treat another of Allah’s (swt) signs with that level of disrespect?  Every sheet of paper we write upon was once a tree, a sign of Allah’s (swt) greatness for everyone to see.  Every drop of water we drink was given to us, to quench our thirst.  We should be thankful for these signs and these gifts, and give them the respect they deserve.

Be thankful for each resource you consume, honor it as a gift from Allah (swt), and do your best to preserve this planet, so that future generations of Bani Adam can marvel at it’s wonders.

Happy Earth Day and thank you Lord for all the blessings that surround us.

the photograph is of  an alpine lake in Olympic National Park, one of my favorite places in the world.  If you ever need to be blown away by the beauty of Allah’s (swt) creation, visit a national park.


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