the weekly squeaky

in which the Squeakster is spoiled rotten by her Aunt Rebecca.

I came home to a package filled with wonderful, homemade kitty goodies – catnip stuffed sardines, several dangley toys and a crocheted Squeakster just for me (with, might I add, a purple collar, just like the real deal).  AbuS promptly commented that I should take up crocheting.  Um yeah, let’s examine my previous attempts at being crafty, cross stiching and knitting.  One second thought, let’s not.  Instead, look at these awesome toys made by someone with real talent:

Squeaky is in love with the sardines, and immediately attacked.  I now find soggy sardines hidden random places around the apartment.  Chillin with her sardines:

And a poor quality video of the Squeakster and the dangley octopus.  My apologies for the quality, but it’s not easy trying to shoot a video and dangle an octopus at the same time.

JazakAllah khair Rebecca!


10 thoughts on “the weekly squeaky

  1. It reminds me to a blog in my native language – where the blogger brought a little cat from a shelter and sometimes humorously complaints how he is “tortured” by his kitten – that he cannot sleep, because the kitten purrs too loudly (but when it stops purring, the poor master is awake, what if something bad happened to the little one) – kitten is permanently hidding in the wardrobe and throwing out all the things etc… finally – he was told that cats are carnivorous – so perhaps this his one is not a real cat she eats only vegetables – peas, carrots etc…
    so, complaining or not, he is pretty happy to be owned by a cat :)
    as we all here:)

  2. Thanks for the video and the story. Cats are truly unique creatures that manage to steal our hearts :)

  3. You are very welcome. My cat kept discovering the sardines regardless of where I hid them while the sardine tin was in progress so his smell probably in addition to the cat nip adds to their intrigue.

    And you should take AbuS’s advice; I am sure there is some craftiness within you!

  4. Foreign kitty smells might explain her obsession, and provides yet another supporting fact that yes, Squeaky needs a feline friend :)

    I may ask my grandma to teach me how to crochet next time I see her, but I should really take photographic proof of my horrendous crafting disasters. It’s not pretty.

  5. I can only recommend it. but it is better to have a pair, tomcat and pussycat – and I fear you cannot avoid castration/sterilisation.
    as a staunch cat-lover I can say that two tomcats or two pussycat will be jealoux and they will fight.
    or you can have two female cats and one male…
    PS: My cat does not like sardines – does not mean she is not real cat?
    PS2: did anyone here read the book “The Unadultered Cat” by Terry Pratchett :)

  6. I would get another cat in a heart beat, but alas, AbuS is a one cat kinda guy. I’m slowly wearing him down though, so perhaps one day Squeaky will have a (neutered) boyfriend.

    re: real cat. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a shelter volunteer, it’s that cat personalities vary widely. So long as they’re of the felis catus genus, they’re a cat :)

  7. maybe it will be, and the cat will come.. my most beloved cat simply walked into my house out of nowhere and reclaimed the house and my heart)

    hmm, do you know the book Amazing Maurice and his educated rodents? Maurice is surely 1000% cat:)

  8. I haven’t heard of that book but will try to find it at the library inshaAllah. I love cat literature :)

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