food, glorious food (blogs)

I’ve started to dip my toe into the vast and glorious world of food blogs, and I need your recommendations.  I like simple, healthy, vegetarian friendly fare, although I’m not averse to assorted cuisines of different countries.  I’m trying to steer clear of all dessert blogs, as that’s just too cruel to my nafs to deal with.  Here’s what I’m reading thus far:

So what else should I be reading, foodwise?


7 thoughts on “food, glorious food (blogs)

  1. Christina Cooks on PBS, with Christina Pirello. I love her. She almost has me converted. She beat leukemia through her diet alone. she has an amazing story. her cook books are wonderful.

  2. Everything I’ve made from 101cookbooks has been fabulous, especially in the soup realm. I don’t know if I’ll try the turnip tart, but the strawberry rhubarb crumble has been tugging at my mind for a few days now.

    sabiwabi, I haven’t heard of her, although I’ll definitely check it out.

  3. I will, although it will be a bit hard to wade through all the pork ;-) I occasionally try to do cooking from the countries of my ancestors, and it’s sometimes hard to halalify the recipes :)

  4. I loooooove food blogs. My favorite of all favorites is Mahanandi, which is Indian vegetarian (from South India), I also like One Hot Stove, another veggie Indian site (mixed with some desserts and some knitting & crafts). As far as non-Indian vegie blogs, I also like Veggie Venture, and Almost Turkish (this is about 50% meat, 50% veg recipes).

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