squeaky at week’s end

Series name change, to avoid any further confusion about the discontinuation of the weekly squeaky.

Speaking of series, would anyone be interested in a weekly post about the good stories I heard on NPR?  I’m always like, oo, gotta post this on my blog, but then, would anyone really care?

Or should I care that anyone would care?  It’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to.

Anywho, back to this end of the week picture, in which the cat sits on my skirt, my book bag, my pjs, my purse and my ipod, all at the same time.  Squeaky says, if you put it down, I get to sit on it.  If you don’t want it sat on, don’t set it down.


3 thoughts on “squeaky at week’s end

  1. HAHAH:)
    the same with me
    I just brought from outside freshly dried washed things – and I needed to jump to toilet…
    when I returned and wanted to range them, my Murka already slept in it
    so I has to leave it, until she slept…and moreover, how we do dare to wear clothes without cat´s hairs?
    who we are to wear our clothes without it ? (but I have to admit that black hairs on white blouse are a bit.. err.. visible).

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