what would you do?

I stopped in a masjid in another city this weekend to pray zuhr.  It was after the time of jama’ah, so I found my way to the sisters section and commenced to pray by myself.  After a minute or 2, I realized that something was wrong – the qibla was facing southeast instead of northeast!  I was aware that there was some debate on this issue a few decades back, but I’ve never actually found myself in a place where the qibla faces to the southeast.

So, here are the what would you do questions:

  1. If you were praying and realized mid prayer that the qibla was facing the wrong direction, would you salaam out and restart facing the right direction, turn around mid prayer, or finish praying in the wrong direction?
  2. If you happened upon a jama’ah that was praying in the wrong direction, would you join them, or prefer to make yourself scarce until they were done, and then pray in the direction you believe is correct?
  3. If this was just a place you were passing through, would you find someone who looked like they were in charge and ask them why they pray to the southeast?

I really have to start reading about more diverse issues, so that when I actually happen into a situation, I’ll know what to do, rather than try to find out what I should have done.


One thought on “what would you do?

  1. Facing qibla is a requirement for the validity of prayer, so I would restart my prayer, not pray with them, and not bother asking someone in charge since this is a known issue.

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